The Secret to My Luxurious Castile Soap Bars?
Fresh Natural Ingredients!

All of my products come from the Earth and are HANDCRAFTED in central Alberta, Canada, right in the middle of the majestic Rocky Mountains and the beautiful rolling prairies by me from start to finish with LOVE! LISA holistic bath and body was created from a passion for toxin free soap and skincare products that were also good for the earth and all the creatures living on it.

Why You’ll Love My Artisan Products

Traditional 100% Olive Oil Handcrafted Artisan Castile Soap Bars... Discover My Unique Raw Made Method:

Made with 100% pure organic extra virgin olive oil stored in dark glass bottles and complimented with organic essential oils, superfoods, herbs, teas, etc. These bars are made at room temperature and immediately transferred to cold storage so they never heat up, making them both raw and highly nutrient dense and anti-oxidant rich!

Pure olive oil soap bars are hard bars that just need a little TLC to last a long time. They need to be placed on a slatted soap dish to air dry all around in between uses and must never be left on a wet ledge or in a soap dish where air does not have access to all sides. Olive oil soap produces a small clear gel like lather, yet can be made into a white foam lather with vigorous handling.

Olive oil soap is the mildest of all soap and the best soap for all ages, all skin types and all skin conditions. You can never go wrong with an olive oil soap that has been made with the care and properly obtained and stored ingredients that I make mine with. Very few people have the passion or patience for this, but the results are far beyond what other harsher or less nutrient rich soaps can give to your skin.

Holistic Luxury In A Bar


Made with pure organic extra virgin olive oil, raw organic cocoa butter and raw organic fair trade African Shea butter, this luxurious butter bar is luxury in the bath or shower at it's finest! All the benefits of a pure olive oil bar with the added butters and super foods for softer skin.

Not recommended for oily or acne prone skin, unless you are using the charcoal peppermint bar in dryer climates. Best for balanced skin, dry skin and mature skin with no tendencies for break outs.

The LISA Soap Box
My Soaping Story

My passion is health. Period. Total health. Mind, body, soul. All of it. Why am I talking about lifestyles, health and nutrition on an education blog about skin?

Here are some very important facts to know that will help you understand where I am coming from and why I am passionate about what goes ON our bodies from infants to seniors.

#1. Our skin is the largest organ we have, by far, and gets abused daily by many things both in and out of our control.
#2. It takes less than 30 seconds for the ingredients in our external bath and body products to be absorbed directly into our bloodstream. Both the good and the bad.
#3. There is little external filtering to help us fight off and dispose of toxins, chemicals and all the nasty ingredients that our entire bodies from head to toe are being exposed to on a daily basis.
#4. Skin does not have help blocking toxins from entering the blood when you use shampoos, make up, face masks, toothpaste, deodorants, lotions, scrubs, etc, so you better make those ingredients count!
#5. The issue of good ingredients going bad. I'm speaking about how they are obtained, processed and stored before they are made into the products you use.

Ingredients Matter.
Ok, I admit it's a generic title and most of us already know that ingredients matter. The thing is that[...]
The Beginning of Wisdom.
My passion is health. Period. Total health. Mind, body, soul. All of it. I never struggled overtly with any health[...]

LISA Holistic Bath & Body
All Artisan Lines, Luxuriously Natural

Take a moment to browse the pages! I have a product page of products and descriptions, an education blog page, a page of my upcoming markets and events and a contact page with information on how to get a hold of me on Facebook, Instagram or by phone/text and to place orders!

This site is fairly new as I've just re-branded my business in September. It used to be NOAHbars natural soap and body products, but it has become so much more!

What Others Are Saying

I have had the privilege to own and use several of Lisa's holistic bath and body products. I can honestly say that each one was of high quality. I could tell she put her care into the things she created for me. I highly recommend her Night Beauty Balm With Hemp... it's delicious to the skin!

Ronda Kahler - Texas, USA

Making my choices for skin based on research and evidence, avoiding industry "byproducts" and fake crap that are void of nourishing properties at best and hormone disasters at worst, I must commend Lisa for crafting such game-changing products. I feel good in and out supporting LISA!

Jennifer Fookes - Holistic Pharmacists
Owner of Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy in Red Deer, Alberta

I absolutely LOVE these soaps and sugar scrubs! Love that it is all ethical, organic made from the highest quality oils and it's supporting local!! <3 Can't wait to get my next order!

Crystal Blackburn - Spruce Grove, Alberta

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